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The Goal of this Website is to Explore the
Blessed Beauty of Jesus Christ's Second Coming.
 There are currently 34,000 denominations of Christianity in the world(and counting.) Many of these churches are not in agreement on various topics, including His return. There is a constant struggle in regard to which passages in the Holy Bible are literal and which ones are spiritually symbolic, and each church thinks they have it figured out.
What we believe to be true is based on the information we have or choose to allow in(on any subject.) If we are not exposed to all of the information, then can we honestly say we know the whole truth?
Keeping an open mind to spirituality topics can only lead to deeper thoughts and understanding, and should hopefully in the end, equate to a stronger sense of faith.

The Bible charts on this website
represent ideas for your consideration.

This is a personal site and is not endorsed by any organization/group/church etc.

Does God want us to have thousands of Religions / Denominations ?