If you made it this far on the website, hopefully you are thinking in a more open way about Christ's Return. If not, you may be at the point of wanting to email me to tell me how confused I am.

    The topic of Christ's Return should be freely discussed, as each one of us is entitled to his or her own thoughts and opinions. However, Jesus is the only one who can explain the reality of how His return is fulfilled and the true condition of His second coming. The only authoritative interpretation comes from Christ himself. Neither you nor I, nor priests and ministers, are given authority to officially interpret the word of God. When Jesus gives us His authoritive answer, when He opens/reveals the book of secrets, we must be prepared for the possibility that it will be fulfilled in ways that few have imagined!  If your mind is not open, you may deny "The Anointed One's" new teachings/explanations/revelations upon His return. You will forever be waiting for peace of mind.

      God does not punish us for trying to find alternate answers/explanations to age old spiritual issues. If you find that you still cannot see what I am proposing, even after further exploration of the links on this site and fervent prayers for understanding, I pray that you will leave a small opening in the window of your mind, in case you want to re-think your opinions on His return, even if it is 40 years from now. How very frustrating it would be if, because of a closed mind, someone waiting patiently for His return, never got to experience the joy and beauty of the second coming. However, if your mind and heart remain closed and the doors are sealed shut, when you get to heaven, God will understand. But while on this earth you may be missing out on a wondrous experience!



I frequently ask a people if they are in favor of world peace, and unanimously I get a "yes" response. Then I ask them if it is possible, and I often get a "Yes, but not in my lifetime" response. Finally, I ask them how world peace can be achieved? I seem to get two common answers:

1. It won't happen until Jesus returns  (People assume they will not have to help Jesus achieve world peace when He returns, they want it to happen automatically !)

2. It can only happen when the world's religions will establish unity.

To me these are one in the same. All of the major world religions are waiting for this same person to come and to help us achieve this dream.

* Christians await the return of Christ and the coming of
     "another comforter." Also known as the Son of Man.
* Jewish scriptures foretell the coming of "another
     Prophet" like Moses and the return of Elijah from heaven.
* Muslims await the appearance of the Mihdi-Qaim-Mahdi and
* Krishna promised to personally return from age to
    age,"the most great spirit"= the 10th Avatar.
* Buddha said that he was not the first Buddha ever to
    appear and that another "supremely enlightened"
    Buddha=the fifth Buddha, was still yet to come = Maitreye.
* Zoroastrian prophecies foretell the coming of a "World-
      Renovator - Savior" who is called Shah Bahram.
* Native American prophecies foretell the coming of a
     bearded white man from the east who will bring
     teachings which will restore the hoop of unity.
* Joseph Smith, The Mayans, each religion, in its own way,
     has foretold the coming of a great 'religion
     restoring', 'world uniting', 'peace bringing' Messiah.  



 Some things do not add up,

in regard to common thinking about His return . ! ?


 If Jesus' second coming is going to be this spectacular instantaneous undeniable event that the whole world will automatically know and experience at the same moment, if the world is going to end, then consider the following points:

1. Why is He coming like a thief? A good thief comes quietly and no one knows a thief has been around until after the fact, sometimes hours, days, or weeks later?

2. Does a thief announce his coming on religious cable television shows?

3. Why is He going to knock on our doors and why will we have to perceive His voice, if it is an automatic situation?         

4. He doesn't say He will use a battering ram that shatters the door and that will he force himself on us?                 {If he did, then this would mean that God is going to change all the rules of life because there will be no more free will. Does Jesus ever say that God will take away our free will? Does He ever say we will automatically believe Him? NO, like everything else regarding faith, it is a choice. We all have to make the choice to perceive and acknowledge Him upon His return}

5. How can He literally come from the east, on a cloud, and on a lightening bolt at the same time? Clouds are slow and lightening is fast. How can He be everywhere at the same time yet come from the east?

6. Why does He warn us about false prophets if we will automatically know him upon His return?

7. Why would we have to overcome anything before partaking in the manna?

8. Why would He come with a new name? Doesn't He like his old name?

9. Why would we have to watch, pray, and be ready if everyone will automatically know Him when he returns?

10. Why doesn't He tell us the hour of His return instead of making us guess?

11. Why does He tell us to judge a prophet by his fruits, if His return will be obvious?

12. Why will we need a comforter if his return is an automatic utopia?

13. Why would all of the prophecies be fulfilled and still we are looking for him tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow.....?


The primary answer you will receive from a priest-minister-reverend etc., in regard to the questions posed above is that "No one knows, it is a mystery," and  "We must be patient."

It is only a mystery to those who either lack information or choose not to look at information that is readily available. It is no longer a mystery to me, and I can assure you, my life and love for Jesus & God is one million times greater than it ever was or could be because of the knowledge contained on the 'favorite links page.'

We are all in a condition of either "ready" or "not ready."

I pray that today is the day you are ready to take the

next step toward experiencing the wonders of God for this day and age.

Thank You and God Bless.


Love is Heaven's kindly light, the Holy Spirit's eternal breath that vivifieth the human soul.