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Book Recommendations:
He Cometh with Clouds--Gary L. Matthews
Thief in the Night -- William Sears
The Prophecies of Jesus--Michael Sours
Preparing for Christ's New Name -- Alex Gottdank
The Logic of The Revelation of St. John --Stephen Beebe
The Apocalypse Unsealed --Robert F. Riggs
The Year of Living Biblically
-- A.J. Jacobs
Interfaith Resource
Download the program on this site. It is awesome. 
You can quickly accesss and compare most of the world's 
Holy Writings with the click of a button.
Oceans Library -http://bahai-education.org/ocean/
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UNITY  PRAYER             

Now is the time for the lovers of God

to raise high the banners of

unity, to intone in the assemblages

of the world, the verses of 

friendship and love and to

demonstrate to all that the grace

of God is one. Thus will the

tabernacles of holiness be

upraised on the summits of the

earth, gathering all peoples into

the protective shadow of the Word,

of Oneness.       

This great bounty will dawn over

the world at the time when the

lovers of God shall arise

to carry out His Teachings,

and to scatter far and wide,

the fresh sweet scents of

universal love.

Abdul Baha

I hope your mind-soul-and heart were stretched in a good way today.
Peace be with you.